Cold and warm starters

Smoked salmon rose on salad nest with house dressing, honey mustard dip and potato rösti 8,90€

Salad plate with raw vegetables and leaf salads with house dressing 4,60€

Carpaccio of beef fillet with mustard, pesto, rocket and hard cheese 11,90€


Beef broth with semolina dumplings 5,60€

Cream of boletus soup with cream and croutons 5,90€

Pumpkin cream soup with ginger, lemongrass, chili and coconut 5,90€


Medaillons of pork fillet in boletus cream sauce with vegetables and spaetzle 18,90€

Pepper Rumpsteak with red wine sauce on winter vegetables with fried potatoes and bacon 21,50€

Fried fillet of beef steak with red wine sauce on pumpkin ragout with almond croquettes 27,90€

Roasted corn poulard breast with red wine sauce on pumpkin ragout with almond balls 17,90€

Veal steak with red wine sauce with fried mushrooms, leek vegetables and potato noodles 23,50€

Swabian roast beef with onion and red wine sauce with purse and spaetzle 18,90€

Saddle of venison and steaks from leg of venison with game sauce, vegetables and stuffed potato gnocci 25,90 €

Venison roast in juniper cream with red cabbage and bread dumplings 18,90€

Wild potle with fried mushrooms with Brussels sprouts with bacon and Schupfnudeln 20,50€


Fried pike-perch and white turbot with grainy mustard sauce on pumpkin-potato-mash 24,50€


Vegetarian cheese cake with chives sauce on pumpkin ragout with gnocchi and salad 12,90€


Pumpkin soup from Hokaido pumpkin 5,90€


Boletus noodles in pumpkin coconut sauce with spinach leaves and grains 13,50€


Toffee caramel ice cream with dessert cherries 4,90€


mixed ice cream with 4,90€ or without cream 3,90€

Iced coffee and chocolate €5.90

Black Forest mug with berries, kirsch, whipped cream and chocolate shavings €5.90

Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream €5.50

Walnut ice cream on dessert cherries with whipped cream €5.20

Chocolate mousse with fruit sauce 6,20€

Apple cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream €5.90

Various sorbets of fruit sauce with fresh fruit €5.90


Vesper ticket from 18 o'clock ( not in December)

Roasted Wildbratwurst with red cabbage and fried potatoes with bacon 8,50€

breaded schnitzel of pork loin with french fries 13,40€

Sausage salad with or without cheese 6,90€

Meat cheese with onions, fried egg and fried potatoes € 8.50

Onion roast with bread 15,50€

Fried Maultaschen with egg on a salad nest 8,90€


children's ticket

breaded child's schnitzel with french fries 6,80€

Medallions of pork in cream sauce with vegetables and Spätzle 7,80€

French fries with ketchup and mayonnaise €3.60

Spaetzle with gravy 3,60€

Please also note our recommendation card which varies seasonally on it you can also find our menu