Extract from the banquet folder

menu suggestions


All courses of the following menus are served on plates and at the table.

The menu suggestions on these pages do not depend on the number of persons.

A menu can be selected for each event.

In the case of a desired redesign of the menus, we will be happy to make an adjusted calculation of the menu price. This can increase depending upon changed component.

Menu suggestion no. 1

Swabian holiday soup

Semolina dumplings/Mark dumplings/ Mouth bags


Roasted medallions of pork

Cream of porcini mushroom sauce/vegetables/spätzle


Hot love

Vanilla ice-cream/hot raspberries/cream


Menu suggestion no. 2

Leaf salad of the season

House dressing/roasted kernels/croutons


beef bouillon

Wafer eroulade/vegetable strips


Duet of pork medallion and corn poulard breast

Red wine sauce/ Bernaise sauce Bacon coat/chicken chip/vegetables/sesame cuisine


chocolate mousse Whole milk/ dark milk/ fruit


Menu suggestion no. 3

Pink roasted duck breast slices/salad bouquet Orange mint dressing/caramelised walnuts/baguette


Roasted fillet of beef/veal fillet/potato-celery puree Port wine sauce/herbs-potato cake


dessert plate Chocolate mousse/Panna Cotta/Tiramisu Ice cream/fruits


Menu suggestions can be combined

Menu suggestions can be combined



Of course you can put together your menu individually from the following components:

Cold starters

Smoked trout fillets with creamed horseradish and baguette 7,80€
Shrimps Cocktail with pineapple and mushroom pieces and baguette €7.80
Variation of gravad and smoked salmon with potato rösti and salad bouquet 8,50€
Leaf salad of the season with house dressing and roasted pumpkin, pine and sunflower seeds €3.90



Italian starter plate:

Antipasti vegetables, Italian ham with tomato and mozzarella, pesto, rocket salad and parmesan shavings,

with white bread


Starters plate:

Potato rösti with smoked salmon, asparagus rolls with cooked Kaiserfleisch and herb cream cheese, salad bouquet with house dressing,

with oven fresh baguette


Warm starters

Mushroom-leek strudel with crème fraîche, with curry foam6,20€
Boiled boiled beef in broth with vegetable strips and horseradish8,50€
Salmon muzzle pockets on spinach leaves and lobster foam8,50€
Fried fillet of sea bass on lukewarm lentil salad9,50€


Swabian wedding soup with different inlays5,20€
Fruity tomato soup with gin cream toasted almond flakes3,90€
Beef bouillon with a strip of beef olive oil4,90€
Seasonal cream soup (wild garlic, boletus, chestnuts)4,50€


Cassissorbet filled with sparkling wine5,50€
Blood orange sorbet filled with sparkling wine5,50€

Main courses fish

Noble fish plate
Roasted turbot and fried salmon with saffron and herb sauce on peas, broccoli and basmati rice
Grilled salmon slices with lemongrass sauce, leek vegetables and basmati rice19,50€
Poached white wine trout with lemon-hollandaise with root vegetables and buttered potatoes17,90€

Main courses Meat

Slices of pork fillet in herb coating on port wine jus with vegetable bouquet and sesame cake17,90€
Fillet of beef steak on sautéed mushrooms and poppy-seed noodles with Bernaise sauce28,90€
Corn poulard breast filled with herb stuffing on tomato compote with fine ribbon noodles17,90€
Badischer Sauerbraten with apple-red cabbage and potato dumplings17,50€
Roast beef rolls with bacon and Dijon mustard and pork fillet medallions with glazed red wine onions, potato biscuits and cauliflower with butter crumbs27,50€

Main Dishes Vegetarian

Roasted vegetable schnitzel served on paprika-cream-leek14,90€
Bavarian mushroom pan with root vegetables in cream sauce with potato noodles15,90€
Zucchini polenta rolls on tomato-pumpkin ragout12,90€


Three kinds of dessert plates with chocolate mousse, panna cotta, tiramisu, ice cream and fruits6,90€
Chocolate mousse on a sauce mirror of exotic fruits6,90€
Warm chocolate cake with vanilla parfait and red fruit jelly7,90€
Two kinds of seasonal sorbet with cold apple-sparkling wine soup with forest berries6,40€
Iced lime tartlet with flambéed meringue on strawberry sauce mirror7,50€
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream5,20€
Ragout of red berry fruits with walnut ice cream and cream topping5,20€

buffet suggestions

Starters, main courses and desserts are served at the buffet.

One buffet can be chosen for each event. All listed components are part of the buffet, you don't have to choose anything.

In case of a desired redesign of the buffet, we will be happy to make an adjusted calculation of the buffet price. Our buffet suggestions refer to a number of persons from 25 persons. If you would like an offer for fewer people, please contact us.

Buffet suggestion no. 1
appetizersAntipasti/Paprika/ZucchiniVegetables/fresh cheeseSmoked salmon / smoked fish / horseradish cream / mustard honey dipItalian country ham/serrano ham/melonPork tenderloin/roasted duck breast/pears chutneyTafelspitzsülze/Chondlauchquark
saladsSalads/different dressing/baguette/butter
soupsbeef bouillon/insertCream soup of the season
main dishesMedaillons pork fillet / mushroom cream sauce / noodlesRoast veal/red wine sauce/potato gratinPike perch fillet/herb-gambas/leek vegetables/ Riesling sauce/basmati riceVegetable schnitzel/herb sauceselection of vegetables
desserttiramisuPanna cotta/fruit saucechocolate moussefruit saladCream Bruleeice selection
36,90€ / without cold starter 32,50€


Buffet suggestion No 2


Italian country ham/melon

Chicken-Ednut Salad/Paprika/Leek onions


Vegetables/fresh cheese

Vitello tonnato

seafood/saffron panna cotta

Smoked salmon tartare/graved salmon/salmon confectionery


Salads/different dressing/baguette/butter


 beef bouillon/insert

Cream soup of the season

main dishes

Pork fillet / red wine onions / Lemberger sauce / Spätzle

 Corn poulard breast/lentils/mustard sauce/potato rösti

Fried fish fillets / Riesling sauce / leek bed / herb rice

Potato mushroom roulade / chive sauce

selection of vegetables



Panna cotta/fruit sauce 

Nougat Cream/Cognac Pepper Cherries

fruit salad 

pineapple/basil/olive oil

ice selection

38,90€ / without cold starter 32,50€


Buffet suggestion No 3



Antipasti Selection/Mushrooms/Zucchini/Paprika

roasted duck breast/duck terrine

Smoked salmon/ Graved salmon/smoked trout fillets

Ham board / melons

boiled beef aspic/green sauce

Shrimps salad/garlic/pesto



Salads/different dressing/baguette/butter



Potato soup/leek soup

beef bouillon / semolina dumplings / marrow dumplings


main dishes

Roast veal/Burgundy sauce

Pork fillet cut into strips / mushroom cream sauce

Selection of noble fish/leek bed/white wine sauce

Vegetable schnitzel/tomato pumpkin sauce

selection of vegetables

Spätzle/Croquettes/Basmati rice


Fruit salad/dessert cherries

Dark and light chocolate mousse

Panna Cotta/Raspberries


ice selection


34,90€ / without cold starter 28,90€

Mediterranean Buffet


Antipasti Selection/Mushrooms/Zucchini/Paprika

fried prawns/olive oil/chili/garlic

Italian fine salami/ pickled maize cups

Grissini/Italian ham/serrano ham/ melon scoop


Vitello Tonnato

squid tubes


Salads/different dressing/baguette/butter


Rucola Parmesan Cream Soup

Italian Minestrone

main dishes

Pork roll / Ham / Sage

Basque chicken/tomato sauce/pepper/olives/saffron

Red mullet fillet / courgette vegetables

Vegetarian Vegetable Lasagna

Mediterranean vegetable pan

Pasta / saffron rice / potato gnocchi



Panna Cotta

Cream Catalana

selection of fruit

ice selection

36,90€ / without cold starter 32,50€


Swabian buffet



Smoked trout/cream horseradish

lentil salad / smoked salmon

Black Forest Ham/Mixed Pickles

marinated pasta salad / herbs / sherry vinegar / blood sausage / tropea onions



Salad/Potato salad/Various dressing




beef bouillon/fledle

Potato soup/Bacon/Kracherle


main dishes

Schäufele /Sauerkraut

Swabian roast beef with onions

Maultaschen/ onion-bacon melt

Steamed fish rolls/root vegetables

selection of vegetables

Spätzle/Käsespätzle/Schupfnudeln/Swivel potatoes



Oven slippers / vanilla sauce

Vanilla ice cream bomb/cherry ragout

Apple cake/cinnamon/sugar

fruit salad


32,90€ / without cold starter 30,50€

gourmet buffet


Salmon Confectionery/Blinis/Frischkäse/Salmon Trout Caviar

Graved Salmon/Mustard-Honey Sauce

Smoked salmon tartare/pumpernickel/cress/horseradish

Roast beef roll/green asparagus/beetroot crêpe

Pink slices of pepper-pork fillet / poultry-liver mousse / prunes

Poultry terrine / pineapple leek salad


Salads/different dressing/baguette/butter


Mushroom beef broth/herbs meatballs

Seasonal cream soup/croutons

main dishes

Roasted salmon cubes/steak pepper

Herb prawns/ Riesling sauce/leek

Breaded veal hip carved at the buffet/ Bernaise sauce

Medallions of pork fillet / glazed red wine onions

Puff pastry mushroom pockets / gnocchi / cuttlefish sauce

selection of vegetables

Homemade Spätzle/Almond Croquettes/Basmati Rice


Panna Cotta/Cassis

Nougat mousse/Cognac pepper cherries

Orange cream/orange fillets

ice selection

fruit salad

36,90€ / without cold starter 33,90€


Buffet "Herzogskelter"


Pink slices of pepper-pork fillet / poultry-liver mousse / prunes

Sous vide cooked prawns/vanilla beet puree/fiery bread chips

Saffron panna cotta/seafood salad

Peanut chicken ragout/leek onions/banana baskets

marinated smoked salmon cubes/chili/ginger/pear foam




Salads/different dressing/baguette/butter



Lobster cream soup/Pernod cream

Beef broth/ mushrooms/safran eggstick/green asparagus


main dishes

Veal steak/Thyme butter/Red wine pepper sauce

Grilled corn poulard breast/honey balsamic jus

Atlantic Tongues Roulade/Salmon/Shrimps/Nuri Leaf

Zucchini polenta rolls / tomato sauce

selection of vegetables

Rice Potpourri/Potato Noodles/Potato Leek Gratin



pineapple basil salad

ice selection

Panna Cotta/Raspberry souli

poppy seed/marzipan mousse/baked rib

Kiwi/mango salad/orange liqueur


39,80€ / without cold starter 35,50€

Vegetarian and Vegan Menu Alternatives

Sie haben Vegetarier oder Veganer unter Ihren Gästen und möchten diesen, eine Freude mit einem individuell zubereiteten Menü machen? Dann sprechen Sie mit uns wir haben entsprechende Gerichte auf der Speisenkarte, die saisonal angepasst werden.

Wir stellen Ihnen gerne eine Menü Alternative zusammen.

Wenn Sie Fragen haben oder die komplette Bankettmappe einsehen möchten können Sie sich gerne an uns wenden. Für die Preise auf dieser Seite übernehme wir keine Gewähr. Durch ständige Preisanpassungen unserer Lieferanten können auch unsere Preise variieren. Unser Bankettmappe wird 2 mal im Jahr angepasst. Es könnte Überschneidungen geben. Sie erhalte ein schriftliches Angebot mit unseren aktuellen Preisen wenn Sie dieses unterschreiben an uns zurück senden sind diese Preise verbindlich. Wir erstellen für jede Veranstaltung einen Vertrag.